Night Birds December 2018, print: “Brings Flowers, Forgets”

Crab Creek Review October 2018, print: “How To”

Lines+Stars August 2018: “Lesson in Noticing”

Oyster River Pages August 2018: “Bite It”

Rag Queen Periodical May 2018: “Snake”

Jet Fuel Review April 2018: “Vanishing Act”

Moon City Review March 2018, print: “We Three Queens”

Best Emerging Poets of California August 2017, print: “Body as River”

The Drowning Gull July 2017: “The Knowledge of Dirt”“Ghost”

The Fem August 2016: “Write About an Obstacle You’ve Overcome (4th Grade)”

Boston Accent Lit June 2016: “Erasure”“Begat”

Rust + Moth May 2016, print & online: “Aurora Borealis”

Santa Ana River Review May 2016: “Shining”

The Broken Plate March 2016, print: “Lacerations”

Quaint Magazine October 2015, print & online:  “Natural Birth”

Whiskey Island August 2015, print: “Womb”

The Knicknackery February 2015: “Tschüss”“February 13”

Marathon Literary Review February 2015: “Tomorrows”“Vernalis”

The Blue Hour Anthology Volume Three October 2014, print: “Let Me In”

Uppagus August 2014: “Postcard to Joseph from Normandy — 4 June 2013”

Eunoia Review December 2013: “Omaha Beach”“I Want to Be a Woman”

Dead Snakes November 2013: “To the Bonfire”

The Blue Hour Magazine August 2013: “Let Me In”

The Camel Saloon July 2013: “A Study in Grey”

Daily Love (now defunct) July 2013: “Scooping”

Fractal Literary Magazine (now defunct) May 2013: “Farmyard Fairy Princess” , “Poem V: For Sophia”

Teen Ink Magazine December 2012, print: “Apricot Jam”

Teen Ink Magazine August 2012: “what i want my words to do to you”“Apricot Jam”“Guilt”

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