Crushes: Ask Amy

Amy Poehler, I love you.

But seriously, this is something I have been thinking a lot about recently. Not just in terms of crushes or romantic feelings, but in general. Why are we so discouraged from telling people how we feel about them? From letting the people who make our lives worth living know just what an impact they’re making on us?

My girl Amy is right – it’s scary to put yourself in that vulnerable of a position. And especially in the case of telling someone whose feelings you’re not too sure of that you have romantic feelings for them, you’re putting a lot on the line. But why does it have to be that way? Why isn’t it protocol to let the people we’re interested in know that, straightforwardly? Why do we always have to play it cool? (Or try to – I’ll be the first to admit that “cool” is pretty far from anything I’ve ever played).

I feel so fortunate to be surrounded, for the most part, by open and loving people who I can love unabashedly and who support me in my uncool, and I hope that as I and the people around me continue to grow older and more mature, this will only increase. But watching this video reminded me of a sad truth about the way relationship dynamics sometimes manifest, especially in middle and high school, and also later in life in some ways.

I think I am feeling a lot and saying very little, so please just let me end with this: I love you. I love you, my family, who support me even from thousands of miles away and even when you don’t hear from me as often as you’d like. I love you, my friends, who put up with my weird and appreciate the things about me that often escape notice. I love those of you that may not be the closest to me but still somehow manage to remind me of the world and my own humanity. And I love you, Amy Poehler, for sharing positive messages with young girls – we can certainly use them.

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