Shelby Dale DeWeese

Originally from the South, Shelby Dale DeWeese currently lives and writes in California, where she recently earned her MFA in Writing with an emphasis in Poetry from the University of San Francisco.

Shelby is currently a Programs Coordinator at 826 Valencia, the social media manager of Pinwheel, a poetry reader for Frontier Poetry and Teen Ink Magazine, and a podcast transcriber and journalist for MuggleNet. Previously, she co-founded Fractal Literary Magazine and served as the chief copy editor of The Daily Trojan. She has interned for Gold Line Press and 826LA, worked as a poetry reader and Instagram curator for Switchbackand been a writing and leadership instructor for Education Unlimited/Camp Brainy Bunch. She has also taught poetry workshops in Los Angeles and in Lörrach, Germany as part of a collaborative project between USC and Freies Theater Tempus Fugit.

Her poems have been published in Quaint Magazine, Rust + Moth, and elsewhere.

Shelby Dale DeWeese primarily self-identifies as a poet, a sister, and a friend.


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